To cook

Kekhón:nis  = I am a cook / I cook
Kekhón:niskwe = I was a cook
Enkekhonnísheke = I will keep cooking / I will be a cook
Akekhonnísheke = I would, could, should, ought to keep cooking / I would, could, should, ought to be a cook

Rokhón:ni = He has cooked
Rokhonníhne = He had cooked
Enhokhón:ni = He will have cooked
Ahokhón:ni = He would, could, should, ought to have cooked

Wa’ekhón:ni = She cooked
Enyekhón:ni = She will cook
Ayekhón:ni = She would, could, should, ought to cook

Sakhón:ni = You are cooking
Sakhonníhahkwe = You were cooking
Ensakhonníhake = You will be cooking
Aesakhonníhake = You would, could, should ought to be cooking

With Progressive
Wakekhonnihátye = I am going along cooking

With Purposive
Kekhonnyà:ne = I am going to cook

With Benefactive
Khekhonnyén:ni = I am cooking for her / for her benefit

With Distributive
Kekhonnyányons = I cook all over / a lot (I cook up a storm)

With Causative
Tsi Yekhonnyà:tha = The kitchen (literally, where one causes cooking)