Yakó:ta’s ahse’kén teyakohwishenheyòn:ne
[it-she-sleep-stative] [because] [dual-it-she-energy-to.die.-past.stative]
“She is asleep because she was tired/fatigued”

Yah tehakkaryà:khse ahse’kén sótsi ró:tenht
[not] [not-he-me-debt-break-benefactive] [because] [too] [it-he-poor-stative]
“He did not pay me because he is too poor”

Yah thiyewaké:non ahse’kén sótsi í:non
[not] [not-translocative-it-me-to.go-perfective] [because] [too] [far]
“I did not go there because it is too far”

Part of speech: particle
Function: complementizer, conjunction

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