the, a, to, for
nominal marker and complementizer.


Yakonkwe’tí:yo ne sa’nisténha
(she-it-human-nice) NE (she-you-mother)
“Your mother is A nice lady”

Wa’khní:non ne à:there
(past-I-it-bought) NE (it-basket)
“I bought A basket”

Ne takó:s é:so tsi yóre’sen
NE (cat) (alot) (that) (it-it-fat-stative)
THE cat is really fat

Teyonatonhwentsyó:ni ne aontakontiráhthen
(theyF-it-want/need) NE (indefinite-cislocative-theyF-climb)
“They (f) want TO climb up here”

Teyakotonhwentsyó:ni ne aonkyaneráhsten
(she-it-want/need) NE (indefinite-it-me-good-causative-benefactive)
“She wants FOR me to succeed”


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