that, in which, the one that, the one which
complementizer, conjunction, joiner


Ónhka thí:ken né:ne yehnén:yehs?
(who) (that-determiner) né:ne (she-it-tall-stative)
“who is that the one that’s tall?”

Tewakatonhwentsyó:ni ne katshe’towá:nen né:ne ehtà:ke káhere
(I-it-want/need-stative) ne (it-it-bottle/jar/can-large-stative) né:ne (below/down) (it-it-set.up-stative)
“I want the big jar the one that’s sitting on the bottom (shelf)”

Rake’níha wahanahskwahní:non ne kítkit, né:ne konni’nhnónhsayens
(he-me-father) (definite.past-he-it-domestic.animal-purchase) ne (chicken), né:ne (they-it-their-eggs-lay-habitual)
“My father bought pet chickens, the ones that lay eggs”